Géographie et écologie

Although they cover less than 2% of Earth's surface, rainforests are home to half of all terrestrial biodiversity

The Congo Basin contains around 70% of Africa's total forest cover

The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world and is estimated to be half a billion hectares in size


Africa is home to a quarter of the world's remaining rainforests and contains one fifth of the world's biodiversity hot spots

The smallest rainforest in the world (9.3 hectares) is Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Congo River is the world's deepest river with depths of 220 meters and is home to turtles, the dwarf crocodile and the African manatee


Each canopy tree in the Amazon rainforest can release 760 litres of water into the atmosphere per year

In total, the Commonwealth contains 810 million hectares of forest - more than the entire Amazon rainforest

Tropical rainforests get twice as much rainfall on average than temperate rainforests